avre skin care

Our dedication to research develop and manufacture functional products that work in their intended purpose gives us the confidence to happily offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

*If you purchase an Avre Skin Care product and your condition being treated does not improve any, we will happily reimburse your purchase!

Few companies manufacturing blemish skin care products offer this warranty.
We do with confidence.

Our return rate is less than 1:1,000 which is exemplary! and proof that dedicated good manufacture processes and far reaching research and development pay off.

Particularly in the reduction of blemishes and pigmentation irregularities there needs to be precise application guidelines that have to be followed and commitment by the user to achieve results, our 30 day guarantee is subject to correct application of the products as per our conditions of use policy found here. Users not following correct application and environmental guidelines is singularly the prime reasons for product performance being compromised.

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