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Avr'e by Avro - Anti-ageing SkinCare
Avre Anti-ageing Serum
Reduces appearance of Fine line Wrinkles
Improves texture
Tightens and tones
Promotes natural exfoliation
Promotes a younger looking skin
.77 fl oz
Day and Night Routine
Avre Face and Neck anti-ageing serum works by day and Avre Wrinkle cream works by night!

Synergistical twin systems
Formulated in a liquid for under make up daytime treatment and a rich strong textured cream for night use is a marriage made in heaven for those seeking a younger looking skin

Natures Way
Avre uses naturally derived active components for safer use.

Built in beauty
SkinLite is formulated using a multi complex skin enriching formula to reduce fine line wrinkles and improve skin texture while treating blemish areas.

Unisex Product
SkinLite Liquid spreads easily, is non greasy and non visible, a reason why men folk seeking clearer complexions use it!

Avre Anti-aging Wrinkle Cream
Promotes Collagen regrowth
Smoothes fine lines
Anti Oxidant
Promotes cell renewal
Reduces Photo ageing
Reduces fine line Wrinkles

1,7 fl oz
All Avro products carry a 30 day money back guarantee!
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antiaging skin blemishes or wrinkle reduction. Fine line wrinkles are reduced with this anti-aging skin care product. Skin treatments for a fairer cmlexion with less fine lines and wrinkles. Beta hydroxy acid clears complexion.