Skin clarity and skin hygiene with Tea Tree Oil

B-Lite Complexion Clarifying, Tea Tree Oil

For any skin preparation to work effectively you have to ensure that the skin itself is free from excessive oil deposits, flared blemishes such as flared pimples acne, blackheads and atmospheric pollutants.

Even cigarette smoke deposits on the skin cause harm and should not be there. Have you ever tried to remove nicotine deposits from your skin with soap and water or with a skin toner solution, it just does not budge!

Tea Tree Oil being a mild solvent in it's dilute state ensures effective removal of unwanted skin pollutants, excess oil deposit's, grim and other should not be there yukkies.

Less excess oil deposits on the skin means that the active components of an applied cosmetic can get in and work faster and deeper with better penetration!

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent bacteria fighter and for those that need extra cleansing protection this is just the one for you!

To enhance the normal properties of the Tea Tree Oil we have added other skin delicious components!

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil - Polysorbate 60 - Wheat Amino Acids - Comfrey Extract - Panthenol - Hydroxyproline

3 drops into an egg cup of warm water, dip cotton wool ball into mixture and wipe face down gently avoiding the eye area. This need only be done 3 times per week.

Some unique benefits of this natural rare wonder!
  • Kills pimple and blackhead producing bacteria in the skin
  • Dissolves away excess oils and skin pore grim
  • Rinses away atmospheric pollutants settled on the skin!
  • Is transdermal, freshening and clarifying the skin from within
  • Aids cosmetic actives by removing blocking skin surface barriers
  • Helps the skin exfoliate quicker by dissolving bonded dead skin cells
    10 ml
    b-lite blemish liquid
    Most people have no reason not to use it!
    People the world over are now learning of the benefits offered by this unique freak of nature.

    Tea Tree Oil is not new, it was discovered by Captain Cook, and Australian Aborigines have been using it for centuries!

    The cosmetic world is now waking up to the natural benefits of this spicy essential oil. Strong enough to dissolve some plastics yet kind and gentle enough to the skin.

    Daily one can see the name Tea Tree Oil popping up on ingredient lists and product labels of cosmetics, and for good reason too, the cosmetic benefits of this natural wonder are endless!

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