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New B-Lite Fade Cream
Naturally based skin lightening.

Formulated for maximum effectiveness by enhancing the efficacy of the natural active components by synergistic accumulative action!

Result! - A faster working action!.
  • Lightens dark skin
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Evens skin texture clarity
    B-Lite Fade Cream
    Now take control of your looks
    The safe natural way!

    25 ml
    b-lite blemish liquid

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    B-Lite Fade Cream is formulated using a complex naturally based active formula that results in a progressive natural looking skin color fade while simultaneously enhancing complexion clarity in look and feel.

    blite fade cream skin lightener

    New all natural B-Lite Fade Cream uses an Amino acid complex that works synergistically with other natural components to produce safe yet effective results!

    When we say natural we mean natural
    Extracts from the apple are just one of a myraid of naturally derived active ingredients of B-Lite Fade Cream
    For a naturally even, clear, skin Complexion,
    B-Lite Fade Cream is a natural winner!
    Naturally derived for safety
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