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B-Lite Blemish products description


Liquid based and Cream based products for:

Reduction and control of dark pigmentation, skin lightening
Evening out of uneven skin pigmentation marks and other skin surface colour irregularities including those caused by contraceptives and medications.
Effective fading of sunspots, Chloasma, Melasma, Liver Spots and freckles
Reduction of visible acne scarring and dark scar tissue areas from burns, Insect bites and physical injury scars, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Note: application can only be used on fully healed scar areas!
Effective in reducing pressure point skin darkening areas, such as elbows and knees

B-Lite Liquid: For the treatment of small dark intense color areas where the versatility of a liquid product gives accurate application painting of small areas.
Non greasy and easy spreading makes B-Lite liquid ideal for larger body area treatments.
B-Lite Blemish Liquid is free from pore blocking elements making it ideal for users that have sensitive skin or skin prone to blackheads and pimples.
B-Lite Cream: Fortified with a complex moisturizing base comprising Wheat Amino Acids, Comfrey Extract, Panthenol, Hydroxyproline, Sodium Hyaluronate and Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, B-Lite cream improves skin texture and helps reduce fine line wrinkles while reducing blemishes, pigmentation and dark skin areas.

Chemical vs Natural

The easy route for a skin lightening and blemish removal product manufacturer is to use Hydroquinone, fact, hydroquinone is cheap to purchase and no fancy cream base is needed!
Then why did Avre Skin Care spend millions on developing naturally derived products if Hydroquinone products are that easy to make and sell?

Simple! we care, we do not want our customers to become another statistic in the "skin disfigurement book of records" we are stead fast in endeavoring to produce the safest possible product we can no matter what the development costs are.

The fact that Hydroquinone is banned in over the counter products in many countries around the world is no coincidence.... Hydroquinone based products have been the cause of disfigured and permanently scared faces to hundreds of thousands of faces around the world.

One of the possible side effect of Hydroquinone is exogenous ochronosis, which can cause progressive darkening of the area to which it is applied. when this side effect occurs histologically, degeneration of collagen and elastic fibers occurs.
This degeneration is followed by the appearance of characteristic ochronotic deposits consisting of crescent-shaped, ochre-colored fibers in the skin (dermis)scattered around in smaller clumps as darker pigmentation. This can be unsightly and permanent scarring can take place.

We will NOT use hydroquinone in our products!

You only have one skin and it is with you for the rest of your life - treat if with every respect!!


With B-Lite Blemish products natural means safer!

In Vivo testing has show B-Lite to be one of the fastest acting naturally derived skin lightening / blemish removal products available today!
This is achieved by using a "broad band complex, multi component formula!"

Instead of using one or two components at high strengths, B-Lite is formulated using a multi complex formula of multiple components all in safer lower doses that collectively work together in synergy to achieve optimum results!
Because of this finely balanced natural formula, there is less chance of irritancy.


Liver Spots
Age Spots
Skin Lightening
Skin color buffing
Acne Scars
General Scarring
Use in conjunction
Not suitable
* Not recommended
Although both B-Lite Liquid and B-Lite Cream share near common active ingredients, they differ in application usage.

This chart on the left is a easy reference guide to find the product most suitable to your own particular application!

B-Lite Liquid
by nature of it's liquid base is ideal for accurately treating small dark intense areas, such as Liver and Age spots, lightening localized cheek blemishes, acne scars etc.
These small areas can be treated by applying B-Lite liquid with a cotton ear bud to the exact area so as not to cause lightening of the surrounding lighter areas.

B-Lite Cream
can be used for overall skin lightening or color buffing.
The built in moisturizing complex makes B-Lite Cream an ideal beauty product that helps with skin texture clarity, fine line wrinkle reduction and moisturisation while treating blemishes etc.

Skin color Overview

In the base layer of the human Epidermis we find Melanocytes, the special cells that produce the dark pigment Melanin, responsible for the individual color tone of each human being.
Although white or colored people have the same amount of Melanocytes in their skin, there are two important differences:
1.Melanocytes of non-white people are more active, therefore producing more Melanin.
2. In the Epidermis of non-white people Melanin is not destroyed by enzymes, this for instance, is different to tanned skins of white people during summer.

Increased production of Melanin on one side and dramatically reduced decomposition of Melanin on the other side are the true reasons for darker skin tones.
B-Lite , through a natural and unique triple action process, reduces the pigmentation that causes darkened skin, spots and blemishes.

    B-Lite 's finely balanced natural active formula is what makes it so effective, with little incidence of irritation!
B-Lite Blemish Liquid
B-Lite Blemish Cream
Active Components:

Lactic Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)
Kojic Acid
Mulberry (Morus Bombycis) Root Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract
Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid)
Citric Acid
Malic Acid
Secret Proprietary Herbal Blend


The fine blend of natural active ingredients results in the natural fading of blemishes producing and overall skin tone color.
Reduction in pigmentation concentration also occurs through this natural process.

B-Lite Blemish Liquid and B-Lite Blemish Cream are effective in the treatments of blemished skin conditions such as Chloasma, Acne scar color reduction or for overall skin lightening as shown above.

Broad Band Actives
Because of the broad band of actives, B-Lite Blemish products are effective in most skin blemish conditions

Side Effect

Although B-Lite has effect from the first application, it takes several weeks to reach the full effect.
B-Lite works on a natural basis and besides some rare reports of minor irritation there are no other known side effects from the main active Ingredients.

It is advisable to first use B-Lite on a small area of skin to establish your sensitivity to the product. B-Lite (once sensitivity is tested) is highly effective and can be used safely.
B-Lite Liquid can be spread over a large area to produce an even skin tone fade, or it can also be applied locally on Age Spots and Dark Blemishes to minimize those skin irregularities.

B-Lite is unlike chemical bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone which are known to cause skin sensitivity or even skin damage when used in illegal high doses.

For even further information see our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page Here

All Avre products carry a 30 day money back guarantee!

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