Tea Tree Oil
melaleuca alternifolia


Tea Tree Oil usage information:

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) is the strongest natural Antiseptic known to man. and for that same reason it must be handles accordingly!

  • Firstly Tea Tree Oil is a solvent and it is trans dermal, meaning it penetrates the skin into the bloodstream via the skin, so pure undiluted Tea Tree Oil must not be applied in large quantities to a large area of skin.

Where not to put Tea Tree Oil under any circumstances!

  • Do not put in or around the eyes.
  • Do not put in the nose.
  • Do not put in the ears.
  • Gargle with DILUTED Tea Tree Oil but do not sallow it.
  • Do not put it up the Rectum.

See Application and Dosage guidelines: HERE

Reference here

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